[ Adventures of Murucat vol. 1 - Water Cat ]

fdkjdhfds almost level 40 in gw2
went on my first instance run today w/ my guild yeehaw

hobo pirate life


I never thought there would be a day I would love a storyline quest. I was wrong. THIS WAS THE BEST QUEST EVER. 

I love the way it works when you have a group. Pick a friend (Gen) to struggle in the gladiatorial fighting pit while you spectate and throw rocks? Brilliant.

Max and I are running the quests side by side and we switch up the”lead” whenever.. and OF COURSE I HAD TO THOSE THIS ONE TO HOP IN AND GET MY ASS KICKED AS SOON AS I ENTERED THE ARENA.

god i cant believe we played gw2 for like eight hours straight that is Awful……..

i guess we’re doing this?

im actually surprised my follower count for this blog has remained relatively stable…….. what are you guys even doing

max is moving into the apt on saturday and we will officially be roomies.. unless i die first because things are shuffling around in my dark living room and i am the only one living here rn


anyone got recs for mmos to play that are not subscription, not aion, and preferably not asian because im a racist

youre racist

Are you and Gen dating?
Are you and Gen dating?

hi aion blog i never post on anymore..
max and i are gonna be roommates next semester